Scribe Post for April 15, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Hello 9-05. Today in class we got our tests back. We went over the test and I am going to post one of the questions that was "kinda" on it.

To find the answer we must make a table of the question.


After you have made a table you want to check if you did it right so make plug in the numbers in an equation.

Since there are 3 more dots for each figure you have to multiply the figure by 3 and then you add 2.

After making sure you are right you have finished the question. That wasn't too hard was it?

After we had finished going through the test we started a new unit, known as Chapter 8 "Solving Linear Equations".

We started the unit off by Mr.B giving us 3 different equations.

First let's see one of the two methods of how to do these (though this one isn't always the best).
5x=30 By looking at this equation I'm sure you could piece out the puzzle and figure out x is equal to 6. Doing this is called Inspection. The other way of doing this is Algebraically.
Remember to think of a scale and to balance everything while doing the equation algebraically.

Now let us do a few more examples of the different equations.

  Now, it is very important that there is no "chew chew" train, so align your equal signs. One very important thing to do is to check or verify your equation. And as you can see while I was checking I didn't put "=21" for each line because...well I'm not to sure but Mr.B told us that we should do it that way and its less writing so more trees will be saved.

Now on to the best part about scribes, the homework.

First, make sure you have finished the 8.1 Warm-Up that was assigned before.

Text Book: Read pages 292-300
                  C.Y.U #2, 3
                  Practice 6-30
8.1 Extra Practice
8.1 Workbook

Also be ready to hand in your stash it for Chapter 6.
It should include:
Chapter 6 Test Signed
Chapter 6 foldable
Journal (Don't forget to blog your "best" entry)
And Mr.B will tell you the rest tomorrow.

That's it for my scribe, Casey gets to do Monday's because there won't be a scribe tomorrow.


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