Scribe Post for March 1, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010
Hello 905! To day in class we went over one of our questions from our homework. Number 17.

You have to add the bottom two rectangles to get the top rectangle. Like this:

So you add each and put the simplified version on top.

(2x- 1)+(x-2)=3x+2

You combine like terms. I won't show my work because I think everybody knows how to combine like terms already. By the way if you don't know the definition of like terms here it is, Terms that only differ by their coefficient. So Terms that have the same variable and exponent.



Then you use these expressions to find the next rectangle on the pyramid.



And you do it one more time to find the top of the pyramid.


And then your pyramid should look like this:

Now if you know how to do this you'll be able to do question 19. I'm just going to review how to subtract with algebra tiles so I don't need to go over #19.

eg. (6x+2)-(-9x+3)

You can add the opposite. So you change the minus to plus and make the numbers in the second bracket the opposite.




Now here's how you do it with algebra tiles.

After that we worked on Extend, Review or the Chapter Test.

If you didn't finish it's homework



Review of Chapter test

Journal (As always)

Stuff due on Friday: (Stash-its)

Kayaks for Rent or What Have You Got to Hide (Challenges)



Math Links (Sheets)

Signed Test

BTW the test is on Wednesday. And for next scribe I choose Aleiah!

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angela905 said...

Thanks Zerlina! Now I know what I missed and what's for homework. Good job on explaining everything too. Your pictures are great. Also your scribe post is very colourful. Good job again!

melanie905 said...

Great scribe Zerlina! Very colourful, and I'm sure Angela understands everything we did today. Thanks for posting the homeowrk, and the test date (: Nice scribe, nice scribe! Oh, and the pictures, AWESOME!

shaneille 9-05 said...

great Job Zerlina! I like your use of colour, it makes things stand out. Great pictures,they helped explain the question. Great Scribe!

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