Scribe Post for March 10,2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Hi 9-05 today as you know we learned about dividing polynomials. But if you forgot about it, here's a recap of what we did.

Today Ms.Yoo taught us about dividing polynomials. She started first in drawing a polynomial tiles in the projector thing

If you didn't get that, we used division to figure out the missing polynomials in the multiplication statement. So in order to do that you divide the answer(6x-8x) to the first statement (2x) in order to get the answer (3x-4)

Then after that Ms.yoo showed us a problem using Dividing Polynomials.

-What is the ratio of the surface area to the radius of cylinder

If you didn't get that, in order to do this problem you need to divide the area of the cylinder by the ratio to get you answer.

That's pretty much all the things we did today, the rest of the class, Ms.Yoo showed us our homework se we can work on it


-Read 272-274

-CYU 2, 4or5, 6or7, 8-18

-workbook 7.3

-7.3 extra practice sheets

While working on that, Mr.Backe told us the things we needed for out stash-its


-all chp. 5 material with 2 test signed

-the mathlinks for chp.7 in the textbook not the sheets

(I think that's pretty much it, if you have more that you knoe then feel free to comment.)

For the next scribe I choose JAI...

Thanks for reading my Scribe....


shaneille 9-05 said...

Great Job! But you could have showed the steps using algebra. Good use of colour, and good pictures.

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Francias! Sorry for the late comment but nice scribe! You should have added colour in the pictures. Great job again!

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