Scribe Post for February 26, 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010
Hello 9-05 (:
Though there were a lot of people away on friday, there was still math class, and homework of course. By the way, GOOD JOB TO ALL THE BAND PEOPLE (:
First of all, Mr.B had to set up that projector thingy that always takes some time, but yeah .. we helped (;
After he got it all set up, we went to get our textbooks.
We went over questions 1-4 on Pg. 190. (Explore Adding or Subtracting Polynomial Expressions)
Here they are:

Now, you may be wondering about Question #4 ...
But even if you're not, you still need to know why some people are. (including me, at first)
Mr.B got into a huge discussion over this specific question, and here's why:

55x + 30 - (22x + 20) is NOT the same as 55x + 30 - 22x + 20

And that goes back to BEDMAS.
Brackets are always first, but according to the second expression, there are none, so you solve in order from left to right.

As Mr.B said, "COMMON ERROR."

Also Mr.B taught us this:

In Question #4, where it says 55x + 30 - (22x + 20) or 55x + 30 - 22x - 20, do you understand how they are equal?

Do you know why one is positive/plus, and one is negative/minus?

Well if you don't know:

- (22x + 20)
that negative sign means, the opposite of everything in the brackets.
Therefore, - (22x + 20) = - 22x - 20.

If you remember, on friday morning Mr.B came into our classroom, and told me that theres going to be a lot of notes for the scribe.
So I thought, there were just a lot of minor notes, but actually, there was just one major one.
It was really confusing at first, but the more he explained, the more I understood.
Plus, everyone else's explanations (;

So that was basically all we did today. I hope you understood my work. If I have any mistakes, please comment and tell me. And if you have any other questions, feel free to ask me, or Mr.B, which ever you prefer.

And before I forget, Mr.B also assigned some homework:
Pg. 191-194 Read 5.3 Examples (Textbook)
Pg. 195 Read Key Ideas, Add to notes (Textbook)
Pg. 195 Check Your Understanding #1-3 (Textbook)
Pg. 196-198 ALL Practice and Apply (Textbook)

TEST: Either next Tuesday/Wednesday, so do your homework and STUDY (;

The next scribe will be....

Thanks again for reading my scribe, do your homework, study, and leave a comment.
AND ASK QUESTIONS if you have any.



shaneille 9-05 said...

Great Scribe Melanie!I was at at band on friday, so i didn't know what we did in class. You explained everything very well, and you pictures and examples helped my understand what you did in class. Great job!

Mr. B. said...

Nicely done. You got the most important stuff down.

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Melanie! Nice Scribe. Thanks now I'm caught up for next class, it actually felt like I was in class. Thanks for putting up the homework too. Great use of colours and nice pictures. Great job again!

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