Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hi Everyone, today was one of those days where we need to do work. Today we make our foldable. In the foldable you should have the following headings:
  • LINEAR RELATIONS (as a title)
  • KEY WORDS(first flap)
  • INTERPOLATE(second flap)
  • EXTRAPOLATE(third flap)
  • 6.1 MATH LINK(fourth flap)
  • 6.2 MATH LINK(fifth flap)
  • 6.3 MATH LINK(sixth flap)
  • WRAP IT UP(seventh flap)
You should have something like
In "Keywords" you should have the following key terms :

  • Linear Relation
  • Linear Equation
  • Numerical Coefficient
  • Variables
  • Constant
  • Interpolate
  • Exterpolate

By now you should have define the key terms.


-Math link Introduction

-Math link 6.1

-Create the Chapter 6 foldable, you ONLY need to make the key words part (linear relation, linear equation, interpolate, and extrapolate) and the side part where is says Interpolation and Extrapolation.

-Read through the beginning of chapter 6, and do CYU 2 and 3, Practise 4 or 5 or 6, then 7 or 8 or 9, Apply 2 of 11-14, and ALL of Extend.

-Workbook 6.1

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