Scribe Post for March 8, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010
Today for math we finally got our tests back! The first bit of class was actually finding the mistakes that we did and fixed them. The second half of class was literally learning new stuff, the most special thing that we learned in class was a procedure called "FOIL". Which actually stands for First, Outside, Inside, Last.

Some of the questions that we did for practice was the following:


F - (3a)(3a)= 9a^2
O - (3a)(-3)= -9a
I - (3)(3a) = 9a
L - (3)(-3) = -9

-9a^2+12a-9a+12 = 9a^2-9


F - (6a)(6a)= 36a^2
O - (6a)(3)= 18a
I - (-2)(6a)= -12a
L - (-2)(3)= -6

36a^2+18a-12a-6= 36a^2+6a-6


F - (-4a)(-3a) = 12a^2
O - (-4a)(4) = -16a
I - (3)(-3a) = -9a
L - (3)(4) = 12

12a^2-16a-9a+12 = 12^2-25a+12

That's about how much we learned today, I know it's not incredibly a lot or hard at all. Remember that "FOIL" only works when 2 binomials are being combined(multiplied)..

I don't think there's any homework that I know of, please tell me if I'm wrong.

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Mr. B. said...

yes there is homework 7-5 Binomial worksheet and the worksheet that looks like Daffynition Decoder on binomial multiplication. And as always... the journal!

shaneille 9-05 said...

Great job Marc! I liked how you used colour, one thing you could have done the pictures on paint so you dont have ^ <- that thing. And maybe you could have gone over a question we did on the test. Overall great scribe!

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Marc! Nice scribe and great use of colour but you could have made the examples into pictures because it seems dull when there is no picure but I do like the bunny! You should have also put some questions from the test too. You also forgot to put up homework. Great job again!

Mr. B. said...

Marc check your math for example one please.

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