Scribe for March 2 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
The first thing we did in class was go over some textbook questions. The first one was #28a.

Not sure if you could read that so here's the text version...

A small manufacturer makes air quality monitoring kits for home use. The revenue, in dollars, from the sale of n kits can be shown by -n^2 + 3600n. The cost, in dollars, to make n kits is represented by -3n^2 + 8600. The manufacturer makes a profit if the cost subtracted from the revenue is positive.

a) Write an expression to find the profit. Simplify your answer.

So basically here, you just have to subtract the cost to make the kits from the revenue (which I found out, actually means the company's income).

Then you simplify it.

After this, Mr. Backe talked about the rules of writing polynomials that have at least three terms.

The first thing to follow is that the terms are alphabetically ordered.

The second thing to follow is to order the like terms in an ascending or descending order. Usually, it's descending and the only time they ascend is if the terms are similar. eg. 3, 3x and 3x^2

So using these rules, we rearranged x^2y + x^3 + y^2. The math stuff is going to be really hard to read without the pictures so... yeah, if you can't read it, then sorry.

Then we rearranged a^3 + a^4b + a^5b^3c^2 +b^2c + a^4.

After that, we talked about #29.

29. Simplify (2x + 4x + 6x + 8x + ... + 2006x + 2008x) - (x + 3x + 5x +7 x + ... + 2005x + 2007x).

Here, the '...' means that it goes on until the next part.

So it's kind of troublesome to actually do all that so we did the smaller parts first.

2x + 4x - (x + 3x) = 2x.
2x + 4x + 6x - (x + 3x + 5x) = 3x.
2x + 4x + 6x + 8x - (x + 3x + 5x + 7x) = 4x.

Here, we looked for patterns and we found that the last term of the first phrase divided by two equals the answer.

2x + 4x - (x + 3x) = 2x.
2x + 4x + 6x - (x + 3x + 5x) = 3x.
2x + 4x + 6x + 8x - (x + 3x + 5x + 7x) = 4x.

Then the rest of the class was a work period for the stuff we have to work on (review, ch test etc.)

Next scribe is Shaneille.


shaneille 9-05 said...

Great Job Aleiah! You explained everything really well. I like your pictures, although your first picture is a bit blurry. Maybe its my computer. Anyways Great job!

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Aleiah! I really like your scribe and sorry for the late comment. Great use of colour and good pictures too. Great job again!

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