Scribe Post for March 23, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Hi Classmates! We took some notes today for our brand new unit called LINEAR RELATIONS. Linear relations aren't that difficult once you understand how to do them.
First we took some notes about linear relations.

A linear relation is a relation that appears as a straight line when graphed. Like this...This linear relation is a positive co relation, the points line up, there are no negatives, and the points are ascending (going up). In a negative co relation the points descend (go down) and they involve negatives.

A linear EQUATION though, is an equation whose graph is a straight line. That means that you use the equation to make a graph. An example of a linear equation is

Mr. Backe also talked a little bit about parabolas. That is when a graph looks like this;
There is a curve in the graph, Mr. Backe didn't really explain it, so ask him if you are curious about it.

We also learned about pictorial patterns.
Mr. Backe asked us to draw what figure 4 and 5 would be. I drew those in. After that we had to make a table representing the relationship between the figure number and the number of squares.
We realized that the relationship between n and s was that 2 times n subtract 1 would equal s. In order to figure this out, usually you just play around with numbers until you find something that works.

The linear equation for that is s=2n-1. After that we graphed the numbers.

OK, on to homework! (AGGHH)

There is a lot of homework, but don't worry, it's not due until the Monday AFTER Spring Break! That's April 5Th!

HOMEWORK: (In this order)

-Math link Introduction

-Math link 6.1

-Create the Chapter 6 foldable, you ONLY need to make the key words part (linear relation, linear equation, interpolate, and extrapolate) and the side part where is says Interpolation and Extrapolation.

-Read through the beginning of chapter 6, and do CYU 2 and 3, Practise 4 or 5 or 6, then 7 or 8 or 9, Apply 2 of 11-14, and ALL of Extend.

-Workbook 6.1

P.S. make sure you start bringing graph paper to class.

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angela905 said...

Good job Kara! Great pictures, and use of colour. I think you explained everything well. Thanks for listing all the homework too. I think that would help alot. Great job again! :)

kristin9-05 said...

Great scribe Kara! Your pictures really helped explain things. I agree with Angela on the listing of the homework stuff, thanks :) Just so you know, there is a trick to finding the relation, but I don`t explain it very well so yoĆ¹'d better ask Linda.

CandyMath said...

Great job explaining linear relations. You guys are awesome, using equations and pictures to explain math concept !!

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