Scribe Post for March 22, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010
Hey Guys ! :) Today we bacically just played on We played with Save the Zogs. Here are some screen shots of the game.

If you take the first picture you basically have to save the Zogs by finding out what line they are. For example: if you look at the first photo the 4 Zogs. They make like a line. Right? What line do they cross ? If you look at it, it crosses through 6y so the line is y=6.

Sorry, that the last picture is too small to see. But on this last picture, it's different from the first picture I showed you. For this one you must use the tracking controls, to move the line and to rotate it. Then select the value for the equation, so that the line matches up with the Zogs.
So you either move or rotate or both, to get the line to match up with the Zogs. Then you have to determine the value of the equation.

To find out the answer if you don't see it. Here's an example on how to find the answer. On this question...

So the answer will be.

-write in your journal
-go and try the Math millionaire

Sorry, if i posted it too late. So anyways, props to Liem for the pictures. So, PLEASE COMMENT !!! HOPE YOU LIKE IT :D and the next scribe will be ..... Kara!!


liem905 said...

Good job Krissia :). I really like the pictures, even though one is really small. But other then that great job :)

kara 9-05 said...

Nice scribe Krissa! one thing though, it's 2010 :]

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