Scribe Post for March 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Hey guys! Welcome back from a long, long weekend. Remember that today is Tuesday not Monday. Okay, today was just basically another work period. Here's a list to prepare you for the test!

How to prepare for Thursday's Test.
Do Chapter 7 Review and Test.
Be caught up with your homework, it'll show on your test.
Do the questions that you don't exactly understand and tell Backe.

Okay, in class we went over question 10.

A square is inscribed in a circle with radius r as shown. What is the ratio of the area of the square to the area of the circle?

Okay, I can't really help you with this question because I hardly understand it at all. I didn't want to copy the answers, and pretend like I knew it. If you don't understand either, I highly recommend that you visit Backe, as I will tomorrow. But don't worry, I'll get back to this question :/

Also remember that these are due shortly :
Chapter 5 Mathlinks, Foldable, etc.
Chapter 7 Wrap it Up.
Make sure your done !


Zerlina905 said...

Great job Liem! I think a picture would have made it much better. I really think that you should have asked help for question 10 so people could see it. Great job again!

linda 9-05 said...

Who's the next scribe?

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