Scribe Post for October 29, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Hello everyone. Today in class we had a couple of guests. They just observed us learning. In the beginning of the class Backe asked me one of the things we did from last class. I said a negative plus a negative equals a positive (-) + (-) = (+). I was wrong and Angela corrected me. Did you know that when two positive numbers are added they can never equal a negative number? When you add a negative and a positive number the outcome depends on the numbers.

Here are some examples.

As you can see the positive number is higher than the negative number. So the answer for it will always be positive.

Although for this one, the negative number is higher than the positive number the outcome will always be a negative number.

A key thing to remember about this unit is zero pairs,
Zero pairs are when a positive and a negative number cancel each other out.

Take a look at this as a memory refresher.

If you look to the left, the numbers have the same denominator. So you only have to compare the numerators.

10/6 is larger because it has more pieces out of a whole the 9/6.

If you look to the left (again) the numbers have the same numerators so you compare the denominators.

3/4 is larger than 3/5 because if you cut up both of these fractions you would see that 3/4 takes up more space than 3/5.

Today's home work is to do Page 57, 58, and 59 Show Your Know and Check Your Understanding. (You only needed to read page 58). You also have to look up Absolute Value.
And the last little bit is to find out if these equal a positive or a negative.

I hope you learned a little bit from my scribe. And the next scribe is........Liem. Yep you get to do a weekend scribe. Also if anyone found any errors please feel free to comment so I can fix them.

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If anyone has some trouble with Absolute Value take a look at this video I found.


Abby905 said...

Hey Vikram! Great job on the scribe! You used a good amount of colors and pictures! I like how you put in a video! Your scribe helped me understand on how to compare fractions with the same denominator, so thanks! And I'm first to comment! COOOL~! Keep up the good work Vikram! ;D

Lissa 9-05 said...

GOOD JOB VIKRAM! Your colours and pictures are great. Also, thanks for posting up a video also! Keep Up the great work! (:

Marc905 said...

Hey man!Good Job on the scribe, I like the pictures you put up,very colorful 8D.Also nice work for actually finding a vid for absolute numbers. Keep it up.

linda 9-05 said...

Hey, Vikram! Great post here! I like how your explanations were straight forward and easy to understand. Also, it's great that you gave video to help us out with finding what absolute value means. One thing you could add is how you would compare fractions that have different numerators AND demoninators. I know we didn't cover it in class, but it's a thought. Students might find it interesting to know. Great work, Vikram!

Aleiah 905 said...

Good job Vikram, you got everything we did in class! I like the pictures and good job again since you found a video on absolute value.

linda 9-05 said...

By the way, I meant how you could easily estimate the greater or lesser fraction when the numerator and denominators are different. Again, it's just a thought.

Kim9-05 said...

WOW!Good job Vikram!Good use of pictures and its great that you put a video explaining absolute value.Your scribe was really "clear" and straight forward!

JosephD 9-05 said...

Good Job Vickram! Your scribe was very "to the point." And I liked how you used big pictures..I think Karen was already a scribe though..

Vikram 9-05 said...

oops guess I didn't look who was already scribe. Better fix it now...

Karen9-05 said...

Good job vikram. good use of pics and color. but i've already been scribe and i dont think we can do it twice unless everyone has gone already. good job again.

Vikram 9-05 said...

Now that I think about we are missing math class tomorrow because of the dance in the afternoon.

Dean 9-05 said...

Good job vikram! Explained everything that he mentioned, and also provided pictures for almost everything. The pictures helped me to understand more on a question, which helped much. Keep up the good work vikram and everyone!

xtian 9-05 said...

good job vikram on the scribe today, all the things that we discussed is there and very specific. great job on adding the video about absolute value

angela905 said...

Great scribe Vikram! Very detailed explanation and good use of colours! Good job again!

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