October 9,2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hiya! Today in class we did things like reviewing the cylinder question! So I'm going to explain that to you all...I mean review it to you guys by using pictures.

As you know, we had to find the surface area of the cylinder. Well to do that you need to find the surface area of the big cylinder and then the little cylinder. After you have to take the area of the small circles and take away from the big one because the area of the small circle doesn't exist! then add the surface area of the big cylinder and the surface area of the small cylinder. So this is what we did in class...

After as I said we add the surfaces areas together like this...


Then that means the total is 791 units squared...Um do you get it?

After we reviewed the cylinder question in class, we also went through the blocks that we got for homework. You know the one we had to make a net..I think and find the surface area? This is one of the shapes that is broken into two parts so we can figure the surface area out easier.

SA for shape one= 2 (LH)+ 2 (LW)+ 2 (WH)
= 2(4)(2)+2(4)(1)+2(1)(2)

SA for shape two= 2(LH)+ 2(LW)+ 2(WH)
Because two faces are touching...we need to subtract that from the total surface area...

Finally, you know that new shape that he showed us and told us the easy way to find the surface area for it?well here it is!(sorry if it doesn't look like it...)

Okay, you know that the front view has 4 units. You times that by two to get sixteen because the bottom is the same thing(sorry for not drawing that)That also goes the same for the top view. Then in the top view, there are 4 units then same thing,you times that by two to get eight.
okay for homework we still have to do the textbook work....I dont really know which onces there are...forgive me...
Well thats all I can remember from todays class...I hope you understand...please comment. For the next scribe Im choosing randomly so I choose Jai.(dont get mad at me...)


Mr. B. said...

All homework is on the Grade Nine Homepage.

Aleiah 905 said...

Good job Kim! I like your explanations and your pictures. Your grammar needs work though...

Zerlina905 said...

Great scribe Kim. I think you should have made the colour of all the wording darker. It was kind of hard to read. When you explained the last shape I didn't really get it. But I can kind of tell where you are going with it. But I would have understood if you put the answer. It was very colourful though! Great job again!

xtian 9-05 said...

good job kim in the blog.

Lissa 9-05 said...

Nice pictures Kim! Keep up the good work! (:

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