Scribe Post for October 15

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Well let's see here, for today's class, the first thing we did was review what we did last night. I'm not a robot or a perfect human either so I don't quite remember the questions that we did in class. But what I remember for sure that we did is that house-like 3-D model with a Rectangular Prism going through it. Coming from me I think it's a pretty good review for people who really didn't quite get the house-like model with a cylinder going through it. The diagram kind of looked liked this...

(I hope I've got the right measurements..comment if I got them wrong.)

We had to find the SA(surface area) for this 3-D model, another thing is that the measurements of the width and height of the rectangular prism on the inside doesn't matter on whatever order it is, and finally I'm going to try to give you the correct way to do it.(I hope) oh, and to this point I'm just gonna draw and upload the pics because I'm getting REALLY tired of even thinking of doing this all in paint you go.

I know, I know very dark...bare with me please..oh and you can't see it here but each are 2.

If it's too dark to see, the answer I got was =738.15 and also, to find the roof the formula is 1 Roof= (hyp)L. (kind of cut it off)

And that's what I think it is...comment if I'm wrong and sorry if I am.

Now that was the first bit of review and like I said, I'm no robot so I'm not going to post up the other homework questions...

Reviewing took up most of the class so there wasn't much time for a bunch of stuff to go home for h.w but we did get one thing...and this one is going to be done in paint.(Hooray~)

(oh and the radius for the pool is r=3
We had to solve this problem for H.W and the problem' question was...
Problem: 800ml of fertilizer costs $29.95, it covers 20m 2 (squared) of grass. How much will it cost to fertilize the lawn.
So what I'm thinking is obviously find out what the SA of the grass is.

Well I guess that's it...!!! Almost forgot, test tomorrow= STUDY I know I will..and don't forget the homework that's due for Monday like...
  • Mathlinks
  • Self Evaluation
  • Journal entries(circle,highlight, or box the best one so Mr.Backe knows what to read
  • Vocabulary words(complete)

And the next scribe is.....Brendan...Lucky...math test scribe...COMMENT!!


Abby905 said...

Hey Marc! Good job on the scribe! Though I suggest you take your pictures in better lighting if you can.. but I like how you took pictures instead of typing or drawing on paint.. I totally forgot about that method! Oh yeah, guess what? I'm first to comment! COOOOOL~! Anyways, keep up the good work!

francisM9-05 said...

Good job Marc!! did you figure out how to that yard thing, if you did could you add it to the scribe because I don't get it.

JosephD 9-05 said...

Good job Marc! I agree with Abby, you should get some better lighting..and try not to cut out psrts of your work.

Zerlina905 said...

Great Scribe! Thanks for putting up homework, I wasn't sure what the measurements were, I wasn't sure. Maybe you should have bolded some of the important words or coloured them. But overall it was great!

shaneille 9-05 said...

Great scribe Marc! I agree with abby, that maybe next time take the pictures by a lamp, or something. Or you could type then in on paint, just some suggestions. I also think you should have made the measurments a different colour or bigger so they are easier to read.

Lissa 9-05 said...

Good job on the scribe Marc! I like how you wrote your pictures and took pictures of them. And, I agree with the others when they said to take pictures in better lighting, but otherwise, good post(:

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