Oct 7, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Today in class we spent most of the time answering the homework from yesterday. First he gave us the side view, top view and front view. Then asked us to make the shapes. As Zerlina showed. Here are the answers.

Then we talked about the cylinder. I didn't get it at first, so Mr. Backe explained it to me.
Thanks for the picture Zerlina.
First you find the Surface Area of the Outside Cylinder.

Then you find the surface area of the small cylinder inside the big cylinder

Then you add the total of the first cylinder, and add the rectangle surface area of the small cylinder.

Then you minus the Surface area of the 2 circles from the small cylinder so 629.

Anyways so that's the first part. Of the class. For the rest Mr.Backe gave us 3 shapes.

- Journal ..everyday.
- Surface area, and net for each shape above ^

I hope that made the cylinder clear to you. But if it didn't ask Mr. Backe.

For the next Scribe i pick Kristin. Please Leave a comment if i missed anything.


simran 9-05 said...

Great job! You made a punctuation error in one sentence. Instead of saying anyways so that's the first part. Of the class. You should have made it a full sentence. Nice pictures, but you forgot to put 15u2 for the circumference of the cylinder. But overall great scribe! (:

Kim9-05 said...

good job!^^its nice that you explain the cylinder question!^^also you used picutes to explain the shapes.good job!^^

angela905 said...

Great post! Good explanations and pictures. Though the formulas and solutions could have been larger, so it's easier to see. And for the cylinder question, I got a different answer.. I got 816. 717 square units. I got that by adding all the surface area (big cylinder+smallcylinder) then subtract the area of the two circles from the small cylinder. Or add the surface area of the big cylinder to the rectangle part of the small cylinder, then stop there. Though, I'm not sure if I'm right.. But, good job on the post! :D

shaneille 9-05 said...

sorry guys, i messed up. I'll Fix it. Thanks for commenting

linda 9-05 said...

Great post! One thing about the cylinder... I think you wouldn't need to make the calculation with the circles, so you could just calculate the rectangle of the circle. That way you would save so me time. But that isn't that important, really. Fantastic work! :D

xtian 9-05 said...

Good job shanielle, your pictures are very coulour full.

shaneille 9-05 said...

OK i fixed it. Sorry if i confused people.

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Shaneille! I really like all of your pictures. I think you should have shown how long the three shapes were like how many units the edges were. I think the formula of the cylinder is wrong, I think it is 2(pi r squared)+ ch. Maybe that is why Angela got a different answer as you. But overall it was great. Thank you for the homework.

kara 9-05 said...

Awesome job Shaneille! Very colourful pictures, and great explanations, and I can't find any mistakes. so good job!

Vikram 9-05 said...

I don't think Shaneille got the formula wrong. And great post! The pictures showing each face makes it a lot easier to understand.

Aleiah 905 said...

Good job, Shaneille but I can't see what the dimensions are for the shapes, so that might be a good idea.

Lissa 9-05 said...

Great pictures Shaneille! Good job (:

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