Scribe Post for October 16, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009
Hey, 9-05. Today in class, we had a math test. It was mostly on surface area and bit on symmetry too. Today I will be showing you how to do questions on the test we had. One thing is, that you really need to know your formulas for all the shapes and also know when to use them.

These question are examples of what you need to know in order to answers the questions right. But they are not same as the test. The reason for this is that not everybody has taken the test yet and I don't have the test in front of me so I don't remember the exact measurements that were on the test.

These are some examples:

To figure the cylinder you need to know the formula for a cylinder.
Which is:
S.A. = 2πr²+2πrh

= 2π(3²)+2π(3)(15)

= 2π(9)+2π(45)

= 2(28.27)+2(141.37)

= (56.54)+(282.74)

= 339.28cm²

This is the formula for a rectangular prism



Thanks for reading.
The homework is on the grade 9 homepage.
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Melanee 9-06 said...

i know i'm not from 9-05 or anything.. i just like to comment.. good job on that post...:)

Lissa 9-05 said...

Good job on your scribe post! (: I like your use of colour.

NickyD905 said...

Very nice scribe Brendan. One little thing, there may be just a bit too much color. Yes color is nice but, you can easily have too much of a good thing. Also, there's two little picture, things... You may want to fix that. Still, great scribe Brendan!

melanie905 said...

Nicky, what do you mean too much colour? Haha, you should check out my posts. Well anyways, great job Brendan!

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