Scribe Post for October 20, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
HEEY 9-05 ! We didn't really do much today in class but do foldables for our new unit in math, Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers. If you missed class today or didn't get the foldables done here it is: So, Backe gave us 6 pieces of paper, 2 big white one and 4 normal size blue ones. He asked us to fold them and do whatever it is in pg 44 in the math text book,

Here is a picture of what it's supposed to look like, it's mine:

How did I do this?
I used my big white piece of paper and folded it in threes equally. I took 2 pieces of blue paper and folded it in threes and then fold it in half and I folded the other 2 like a hotdog and glued it to the white paper.

After that, we had to fold the other whiter paper in threes and then fivided it in 6 sections like this:

*I know you can't really see this because it was too bright. It's supposed to be divided in 6 and you're supposed to write these words on each section/box and then the definition of the words behind that page and then numbers that belong and don't belong.
- Natural Numbers - Irrational Numbers
- Whole Numbers - Real Numbers
- Integers
- Rational Numbers

I don't really know how to show you right but this is the best that I could. You put the numbers that don't belong at the back of numbers that belong.

I guess that's it. Don't forget to put the definitions, numbers that belong and don't belong again.

That's it! If I forgot something or made a mistake don't forget to point it out and don't forget to comment and tell me what I could've done better.
JOSEPH (JD!) you're next scribe. :D YOU'RE WELCOME!

9-05 commentors,
THANKS for all your comments and I changed the things that you told me to do so that it's better for you guys. (:


JosephD 9-05 said...

Good Job! You did a really good job and i liked how you used pictures to show what we had to do.

linda 9-05 said...

Great job Karen! The pictures and explanations are clear and easy to understand. Also, you might want to try using italics or bold font to emphasize important key words. Try finding some links or a video to add to your post. For your last comment "Your Welcome!", 'YOUR' should be YOU'RE, because it is two words combined by an apostrophe. Otherwise, great work Karen! Keep it up!

angela905 said...

Great job on the post Karen! Good pictures and explanations. Though you could've used more colours. Also to use bold letters/italics on words that are important, like Linda said. Anyways, good job! :D

Abby905 said...

Hey Karen! Good job on the scribe post! I'd like to thank you for putting up the three point approach foldable! I needed help with how to fold it and stuff and what the words were. Keep up the good work Karen! ;D

kara 9-05 said...

Nice work Karen! I like how you added pictures, and I also like the fact that even though we didn't do very much in class today, you still had a decent sized scribe.

Dean 9-05 said...

KAREN! good job on the scribe today! thanks for explaining everything with detail. it helped me a lot on our homework and foldables, because I was lost at parts. keep up the good work 9-05!

Lissa 9-05 said...

Good Job Karen! I like how you took pictures of what we had to do. One thing I would recommend you changing is taking off Joseph's last name. Just because remember when last year Mr. Harbeck taught us not to do that? And, just recently, we learned about internet safety? Well, its just a friendly reminder (: Other than that, you did good on this scribe!

kristin9-05 said...

Great post Karen! I really liked how you used pictures and you explained everything really well. Good job!

Kim9-05 said...

WOW!good job Karen!I liked how you took a picture of the folables!awesome idea!^^ I liked how you explained eeverything to use SO WELL!awesome job!:)

liem905 said...

Good Job, Karen! Thanks to you I know what to do! Sorry for the late comment, my firefox doesn't let me comment, I have to use Internet Explorer. Great Job using pictures for people who didn't get it!

Excellent Work.

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Karen! Thanks for putting up the foldables! And the words, I didn't copy everything down. Great use of colour too and nice pictures.

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