Scribe Post for October 19, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009
Hi 9-05! Today in class we did a lot of things. First of all we got our surface area tests back, and let me tell you we were ALL pretty shocked to see how we did (including me). I guess that just means that we have to study a little harder next time, RIGHT 9-05!

When he handed our tests back we had to hand in our stash-it's at the same time, so I hope that you all did that and it was completed!

We got this BIG package full of questions about rational numbers for our new unit, which is obviously on rational numbers. It also included a self-assessment, and we were supposed to fill out the before section of 2.1.

After that we took some notes on RATIONAL NUMBERS. We found out that a rational number means:

-Any number that can be expressed as a fraction A/B where A and B are integers and B doesn't=0

We made a diagram that looked something like this:

IRRATIONAL NUMBERS- cannot be expressed as fractions. Examples of this are: √3 and π (pi)

That was pretty much all that we learned today.
I found a website that you may want to go to, it will help you to figure out what we will be learning about in this unit, in case you are already confused.

Here is the link:

For homework you DON'T HAVE TO DO JOURNAL! We didn't get our journals back, so don't worry about it. You also have to get your test signed, and the GET READY section of your workbook (pg 14-15) The workbook part is really easy, mostly reading and a few simple integer questions.

I pick Karen for the next scribe. PLEASE comment :]


kristin9-05 said...

Nice scribe Kara :)I liked how you used the picture to show what we did in class. I also like how you added a website we can go to. Great job!

Mr. B. said...

Kara we needed one more layer for Rationals around all the other numbers. Otherwise good job.

francisM9-05 said...

good job Kara, And good job on explaining everything we did today and it was nicely done. And what Kristin said thanks for the website you listed about rational numbers. Good job:)

linda 9-05 said...

Hey Kara! Nice post! The use of colour is great and your definitions are spot on. But the "C" in cannot has to be capitalized. It's when you were defining Irrational Numbers. Once again, great post!

xtian 9-05 said...

good job Kara on the post today!

liem905 said...

Nice scribe kara, your helping me keep track of what we did in class, for my math journal !

Superb Job, (:

Lissa 9-05 said...

Hi Kara! Great job on the post!

Karen9-05 said...

heey kara! great job ! I like your use of color. this is such a late comment since i decided to go on the log and comment on the pretty, kind of recent scribe posts. well, you did great and color is awesome cus it brings people's attention to your posts more and get them intersetd in reading it more. you did and got everything right and it was very helpful. thanks and keep up the good work. (:

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