Scribe Post for October 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Hello everyone! Nicky here to tell you about math today. The first thing Mr. B said today was that I stole textbook #11.... Yeah.... But I most certainly did not! He had it the whole time! Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, math class. Well, in math today we played a card game. Now, just in case if you want to play it at home, Data will now recite the rules in his anroidic manner.

Thank you Data, your help is always appreciated. So, we played that game for a good portion of the class and this Mr. B made us get out those great study guides, foldables! Sadly, he made us add things to it...and he wasn't very specific... But, that's where your brain comes in. For homework our job is to fill out the 1st square in our foldables (which should say Rational Numbers, hint hint). Now, by the 1st square I mean the square that is on the top left (for all you chess players it'd be A4...). So, just make sure you write it under the 1st square.

However, that isn't all. In our definitions foldable we have to write some more stuff (yes I fun). So, just what do we have to write? What numbers belong to each group. Eg. Under Natural Numbers you would write Integers. BUT, that is not all. Mr. B also gave us some very "smarticle" things to write as well. These are as follows. Oh DATA!!!

Thank you Data for telling the nice people the smarticle things. Ahem, else did we do? Ah, yes. Mr B. gave us some equations. All we have to do is say whether the answer is positive or negative and then we have to explain how we know. Here are the equations.

Well, that's about it. I will now list the homework in BOLD BRIGHT COLORS, for those who don't want to read my entire scribe.

Blue+White Foldable (Rational space, put "stuff" inside)
Definitions Foldable (Middle Column)
Questions (Explain why negative or positive)
Go to E-Book (Complete Show You Know Chapter 2.2)

There you have it! Our math class in a nutshell. Please do your homework (*cough* THE CLASS *cough*). The next scribe will be *drum roll* VIKRAM!!! *trumpet fanfare*

Remember, only you can prevent forest fires!


Zerlina905 said...

Great scribe Nicky! Great use of colour. You should have made the pictures with "Data", bigger because I couldn't see the words they were too small. Oh yeah and for the last picture you should have changed the colours of the negative numbers and the positive numbers. But overall it was a pretty good post, great job!

Karen9-05 said...

Great Job Nicky! So, ever since grade 8 you've been commenting on all of my scribe posts and our classmates and given them your awesome, extra ordinair "NICKY COMMENT". well, lucky for you karen is here to give you a awesome-ER, extra ordinair-ER comment. HAR HAR! anyways.. I think that your scribe is great. You used pictures and colors and you explained everything quite well and detailed. YAY (: There are no errors and mistakes, of course.. you're nicky demelo. The only thing that I think is the problem, itty bitty problem.. you pictures are soo small, they might not be your problem just saying. Thanks for putting up the homework also. I think you did a pretty good job. keep it up, yeah i know you will :D. i should stop talking now.
Here's your "KAREN COMMENT" congratulations ! (:

Truly Yours,

NickyD905 said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Just one thing about the picture size, they're automatically resized. If you want to see them bigger just click them. :)

JosephD 9-05 said...

Ohh, Good work Nicky! I see that you have some competition about your "Nicky Comments". Anyways, back to your scribe. I liked how you used "BOLD BRIGHT COLORS" to show the importance of doing our homework. And for anyone who can't seem to read the pictures, there is a solution. All you have to do is simply clock on the image and then a larger version of the image should pop up. oOOOo No offense, but I finally found a mistake in your grammer.:D After "Mr" there should be a period. "Mr." Other than that, it's really good. Woot! There's my Joseph Comment. ;)

NickyD905 said...

FINALLY! You found my intentional mistake! YAY FOR JOSEPH!

JosephD 9-05 said... comment was supposed to go before yours (Nicky's), but you/he beat me too it.

Abby905 said...

Good job on the scribe post Nicky! You used a good amount of color and text boldness ^-^ Was that guy from Star Trek or something the idea you wanted to put on your scribe? Haha. Pretty creative there! Keep up the great work Nicky! ;D

angela905 said...

Great post Nicky! Excellent pictures,explanations, and very bold and colourful text for the homework part. Yay, for the class! Keep up the good work everyone!:D

Karen9-05 said...

LOL Joseph, it's no competition. I can't beat Nicky and his comments.
Ncky: Okay, I clicked it and yeah it did work. sorry i thought you put it there like that or like blogger did that. sorry my mistake.

kara 9-05 said...

Great scribe Nicky! It was humerous and educational! I liked the colors and the pictures, no grammar mistakes that I can see. Everyone has left such amazing comments, I have nothing to compete with!

linda 9-05 said...

Hi Nicky! Great post! Since I didn't quite get to the post early enough, everything has been said... So I'll say "Keep up the great work!"

liem905 said...

Great job Nicky! A very nice scribe and great use of pictures and colours. You should put in our daily math journal for homework as well, someone people like me tend to forget :)

kristin9-05 said...

Awsome scribe Nicky! I really like how you made it funny, yet explained everything clearly. You also clearly explained the homework, THANK YOU! Once again, awsome scribe :)

NickyD905 said...

Thanks for all the great comments guys! It makes all the hard work worthwhile. :)

krissiap said...

Good job on the scribe Nicky! I really like how you used pictures to explain. There was no grammar mistakes or anything. I liked the way you used bold colorful letters. Thank you for the homework and for an awesome scribe. Once again, GOOD JOB! :)

Dean 9-05 said...

NICKY! good job as usual!
The way you typed the post made it seem like you were actually talking. I could hear your voice in your words, lets just say. Haha good job on that. Everyone commented about your tinier mistakes so i really have nothing to say.

Great job as usual, keep it up!

simran 9-05 said...

Great job Nicky! The way you told what we did in class was like dean said, it seemed we were talking to you. Oh yeah, the data thing was smart! But next time tell him to talk with bigger words, since the words were so small( that was my attempt at a joke(:. Well anyways, great job!

Lissa 9-05 said...

Hi Nicky! Great job on your scribe post! You have great pictures and a good enough amount of colours. Though your pictures are kind of small and hard to read, I understand that you have to click it to see it larger. Good explanations and keep up the good work! (:

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