Scribe Post for February 24, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Hello 9-05! Today in class, we did many things. First of all, Mr. B asked us if we had any questions about the homework yesterday. The question was #25 from the textbook. Here it is:

a) 2w + s

b) w stands for the number of wins, s stands for the number of shootout losses

c)20-12-4=4 losses

d) 2w+s




*Just replace the variables with the given numbers.

e) 2x5+18=28


*The combinations are for team B, and has to equal 28.

Then, we had a review about polynomials, their coefficients, variables, and exponents.

Here's a chart about that (we had to fill in the coefficients, variables, and exponents):

After that, Ms. Yoo, started us on unit 5.2. Which is equivalent expressions. But we talked about like terms first. What are like terms? Like terms are terms that differ only by their numerical coefficients.

*Variables, and it's power stay the same. Coefficients changes however.


3x and -2x

6y² and 3y²

-5xy and -2 xy

17 and 12

Here's are other examples featuring the variable x:


+x= x



*Mathematicians are lazy, they don't like writing 1 in front of a variable.

Next, we had to identify like terms:

(like terms are colour coded, dark green, and blue)

a) 5b² 3bc -2b 7c 6b

b) 3x² 4xy -2x² 7x² 1/2 y

c) 3pq 11 -4q² -3 pq

Then, we were combining like terms. (the variables and coefficients are bolded, the constants are "slanted", while variables with higher power than 1 are left with regular font)

a) 4x-2x+3-6


*4x-2x= 2x, +3-6= -3

b) 2x²+3x -1+x²-4x-2


c) k-2k²+3+5k²-3k-4


-Always start with the highest degree (power)

-Try to gather like terms first

After, we had to simplify like terms.

1) x²-(-3x) +4+7x²-8x-6

x²+7x²-8x+3x+4-6 (<= work should look like that)


explanation: 7x²+x² is 8x², while -8x+3x is -5x, and 4+(-6) is -2

2) -x-5x+(-3x²)-9-2x+7


3) 4x³+6x²+6x-1+5x³-x²-(-9)


That's all we did in class. Hope I covered everything. Here's the homework:

-5.2 Extra Practice

-5.2 Workbook

-2 sheets (double sided)


-textbook work (since we don't have class tomorrow because of the Tec Voc tour)

-5.2 Mathlink (Mr. B didn't assign this, so do it if you have time)


*By the way, Friday's scribe is Melanie (since there's no math class tomorrow)


shaneille 9-05 said...

Great job! I like how you put the picture from the texbook in your scribe. Also great use of colour. One suggestin when you are talking about combining like terms. You might want to space some of it out, or change colours, because it is kind of hard to see which is which. Great Scribe!

kara 9-05 said...

Hi Angela! Good job on the scribe! I like how colourful it is, and I like that you used a lot of numbers, but described why you used them. You may want to space some things out more, or make the font larger, to add importance. Other than that, great post!

Zerlina905 said...

Great job Angela! Sorry for the late comment. Anyways great job on the colour and examples. I think you should have combined like terms by using picures. It would have made it more clear. Great job again!

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