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Sunday, February 7, 2010
Hey, Hi , how you doing? Well Mr"B" just called and told me to do the scribe. Because again.. I forgot -_-" Anyways, I'm doing a scribe from way back when... Remember that video we watched? Well it was talking about Similarity and Proportions ..

Similarity and Proportions aren't very hard to understand.

Similar Figures have corresponding (matching) angles that are congruent (equal), and their corresponding (matching) sides are proportional.

I'll try and explain this using a picture..

The green markings indicate the size of the angle. The blue cirlces are congruent to each other but they are NOT congruent to the others because they are all different.
Similar Figures - They have to have matching or congruent angles that are equal.

If we were to flip the shape around we will see if they truly are congruent to one another.

The first angle we are looking at is equal or corresponding to its other angle.

If we do that to all the other angles, they should all be the same as there corresponding angles.

btw: 01 = 10 and 81 = 18

All the angles match their corresponding angles they are congruent.

So at least for the angles of the shape they are equal. But now we have to look at the sides..

For the sides they have to form a proportion. You can find the proportion in several different ways. I'll show you one way.

btw: 01= 10 and 81 = 18

We can compare to get a proportion. So i'll call 18 and 13.5 side A, and i'll call 10 and 7.5 side B. Then we could compare 18 and 13.5 ( both of the side A's). So now we want to see if thats congruent to 10 and 7.5 (both of the side B's). They are congruent to each other. Because if we divide 18 and 13.5 we get 1.3 repeating and if we divide 10 and 7.5 we also get 1.3 repeating. So the two ratios represent the same amount.

So these figures really are similar because there sides are proportional.

If we tested out the other sides we'd see the same thing. 8 to 8 is the same thing as 6 to 6 because they are all representing a ratio of 1.

Well thats my scribe! :) Wow, I acutally understood things while doing this -_-". Backe, I hope youe happy! AHAHA :) see you guys soon ♥ oh and tell me if have mistakes!!! :D


Mr. B. said...

Yah Alybanana. You Finally completed it. Whose up next?

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