Scribe Post for May 27, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010
Hello 9-05. Sorry this is a late scribe ... I honestly forgot ... but this is for the day before the test, if you don't remember.

Anyways, in class we went over Question #21 on Page 403 in the textbook.

*The radius is 3cm because the diameter is 6cm (double the radius)*
Now we need to find out the purple measurement, and since it's a right angle, we could use the "Pythagorean Theorem".

Now that we know the radius of the circle that's sticking out of the ice surface (2.82cm) we could find the circumference.

The circumference of the circle where the ball touches the ice surface is 5.6(pi).

The rest of the class was work period, and since the test was the next day, Mr.B was asked a lot of questions.

I hope everyone did good on their tests, and good luck on finding out your marks (:
Have fun with what's left of the weekend!
Good luck to all the track people who won't be at school on Monday, and those who will be here, let's have fun again :D

- stashits ---> journal, test signed, 2 problems of the week (including #3)

The next scribe is Marc. I told him on Friday, and reminded him again today. He's doing the test scribe ... but he said he'll do it "laterz" ... so just wait for it (; haha .


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