Scribe May 21

Monday, May 24, 2010

Um hello... in class on Friday we learned more things about circles. Chord Properties to be exact. There are four steps to find the interscection of the arcs... Heres a summary of the things we leanred in class recently.

1) You make a chord on the circle.

2)Widen your compass pass ther half way point of your line.

3)Place compass point on each end of the line. Make arcs above and below the line.

4) Then draw lines through the intersection of the arcs and the center point of the circle.( sorry the line that intersects the arcs were suppose to be straight not slanted like this...)

Then heres an example of a question we did, based on the circle we have drawn. We were given that the Chored is 2x and we needed to find the radius of the circle.

Then after he gave us another question. We had to find the length of CD if CB is 2x+2. To do that we need to do pythagras and use the information he gave us. if CB is 2x+2 and AD which is equal to BD then that means the side is x.
Here's how you solve it.

Well... this is it... the homework is 10.2.
extra practise
mental Math
In the workbook its...
CYU 1 and 2 (pg.389)
Practise and 2
Apply odd
Extend all


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