Scribe post for May 11

Thursday, May 13, 2010
Hello 905. Sorry about the lack of scribe posts. So here's for the class two days ago.

Today in class we started Chapter 9. * Inequalities*

So we started up with some symbols we knew, and some we didn't know.

Here are some examples of how we use these symbols. (algebraically)

And here is how you express it graphically.

2- step Inequalities.

How do you solve this?

just like in linear equations.

Ok theres the quick overview of what we did in class. Sorry if I missed some things, I got the main points down I think. Homework was
9.1 All odd, or even numbers up to 22.
Extend 23+ 24 or 23+ 25

And today for homework.
Practice all odd numbers.
All of apply
Extend 23 and 26
Choose two of 24, 25, 27, 28
Then next person for scribe would be Melissa. Please comment.


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