Let's make this a good year.

Monday, September 28, 2009
Hello 9-05.
I know the past few weeks have been tough, since everything is so new to us.
With all the extra curricular activities that some of us have been joining for credits, it's getting a bit tough to find a balance. Let's finish this year off strong, let's be the class that people will remember. Good luck to you on all your assignments which you and I should be doing right now. Bye!

By the way, yay for me being the first post :)


Liem 8-17 said...

Good Speech Dean I loves it, haha.
- This year is going to be great.

Lissa 8-16 said...

Good Job Dean! I never knew you made a post.. Does this count as a scribe post?

Austin 9-05 said...

Great Job Dean! I liked how you explained everything that we did in class..aha just kidding! But yeah, lets all make this year a memorable and unforgettable(how the .... do you spell this?) Do all the assignments you are given..well casey, just try to get them done. haha just kidding again! Peace out! I wish I was as dedicated as you Dean...

melanie905 said...

Haha, that's great ^^ good luck to everyone, and I know that we will be the class that everyone will remember (;
- thanks Dean,

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